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The NMEA protocol handler parses the NMEA 0183 protocol (f.e. from GPS devices). For input both GenericPush and GenericPull can be used in combination with File or UDP transport handler. This protocol can also be used for output, to write NMEA sentences.

Supported Sentences

  • DPT
  • GGA
  • GLL
  • HDG
  • HDT
  • MTW
  • MWV
  • RMC
  • RPM
  • RSA
  • TTM
  • VTG


  • delay: Delay of reading in milliseconds (Only in GenericPull mode)



NMEA Protocol Handler
/// Read from File
input = ACCESS({source='FileInput', wrapper='GenericPull',
	transport='File', protocol='NMEA', dataHandler='KeyValueObject',
	options=[['filename','...'], ['delay','100']]
/// Read from UDP on Port 4711
inputGps = ACCESS({source='GpsInput', wrapper='GenericPush',
	transport='UDPServer', protocol='NMEA', dataHandler='KeyValueObject',
	options=[['port', '4711']]
/// UDP Broadcast on Port 6003 
output = SENDER({sink='SinkGps', wrapper='GenericPush',
	transport='UDPClient', protocol='NMEA', dataHandler='KeyValueObject',
	options=[['host', ''],['port', '6003']]
}, inputGps)


NMEA Protocol Handler
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