Remark: This handler must be installed (How to install new features).

Important: If you want to use this handler e.g. to send csv data to Odysseus, use CSV protocol handler and send csv-values with a trailing "\n", as the CSV handler needs this! e.g. "9,7,Blue,98.3\n"

This transport handler allow to send and receive object via the AQMP protocol, implemented with RabbitMQ (see Further parameter information can be found here:

Remark: In an older version, there was a publish_style. This will be ignored in future versions.


  • queue_name: The queue to send to or receive from

  • exchange_name: The exchange to publish the message to
  • consumer_tag: The consumer tag

  • host: The host where the server runs

  • port: The port of the server (if not default)

  • username: Username (if required)

  • password: Password (if required)

  • virtualhost: The virtual host (if required)

  • durable (true / false)

  • exclusive (true / false)
  • auto_delete (true / false)

In addition, arbitrary options can bedefined. They need to start with the prefix "rabbit." which will be removed in the actual argument. Example: ['rabbit.x-message-ttl',1000]  will be the argument 'x-message-ttl' with the long value '1000'


input = ACCESS({
            source= 'Receiver',
              ['ByteOrder', 'Little_Endian'],
              ['TIMESTAMP', 'STARTTIMESTAMP'],
              ['id', 'String'],
              ['volume', 'Long']

See how the data is generated for this input queue.

See RabbitMQ use case for an example how to connect external software with Odysseus via RabbitMQ.

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