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A list of available features can be found at Plugins (or can be seen in a later step when the update site is loaded). However, in this tutorial we will install the optional database feature as an example.

There are two possibilities to install a new feature. The most easiest way is to use the GUI. If you don't have a GUI, e.g. when running a server-only product, you may install new features using the console.

Table of Contents

Installing via GUI (Monolithic and Studio Version)

The installation process correlates to the update mechanism of Eclipse and works as follows:

1. Open the install dialog

Open "Help" and then "Install New Software..." to open the install dialog

2. Choose the Odysseus update site

Choose the Update site from the "work with" dropdown, althouhg it should be already there, it is located at

3. Choose the features

You should now see all available features. If you choose the options "Group items by category", the features are categorized into two groups: "Odysseus" and "Product Definitions". The first one holds all additional features that can be installed. So, at this point you should choose the features you want to install. In our example, we choose the "Database Feature". Press "Next".


The installation process should now fetches all needed plugins and features from the update site and installs them. Since the features are not signed, you have to confirm the security warning.

6. Restart

Finally, you have to restart Odysseus. You're done.

7. Check installation (optional)

If you want to check the installation or if you want to know what features are already installed, you can open the "About Odysseus Studio 2" dialog from the "Help" and open "Installation Details".


You shold now see all installed featured


Installing via Console (Server version)

If you don't have a GUI, you can install new features using the console.

There are different commands you may use.

List installed features

The command "installedFeatures" lists all features that are currently installed. Simply enter the command into the OSGi console like here:

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List installable features

You may also ask which features can be installed for Odysseus. Keep in mind that you need an internet connection, so that the programm may fetch the data from the Odysseus update site.

The command you may use is "installableFeatures", which looks as follows:

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It will fertch some data from the update site and finally prints a list of installable features (already installed features are not shown).

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The names of the features are the feature ids. Those ids can be used to install them.

Install a new feature

To install a new feature you may use the command "installFeature <feature id>". The feature id must be some of the (see above at "List installable features" to get a certain feature id).

Remember that you need a working internet connection.

After installation of the new feature(s), the system will be shut down and restarted automatically!!!

To install, for example, the database feature, you have to use it's feature id to install it, like in the following example:

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The, the installation and update routine will automatically download, install and update all necessary features (aka plugins). After that, a restart is forced.

Update features

For updating existing features, you should look here: How to update Odysseus