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Currently, we are working on a web based studio for Odysseus servers. This studio can access many different servers. 

Table of Contents

See below for installation issues.


  • edit the server information
  • Call the Web-IDE for this server (see below)
  • Remove the server from the list


On the left side, you see the navigation bar:

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Here you could see (from all servers in a common list) the

  • Defined sources and streams
  • Defined sinks
  • Defined queries
  • Logs from the different servers
  • Lists: Due to a bug, this button may currently not work in any cases.
  • Users from the Web-Studio. Here you can change the users of the web studio, especially change the password or add new users

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Web-Studio provides an IDE for query development (quite simpler than the corresponding Odysseus Studio)



The following information is directly included from: for further information about installation.

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