Odysseus provides a wide range of functions and operators to be used for data transformation and filtering in your query statements. In Odysseus-Studio there is a view MEP Functions View, that lists all current available operators and functions.

Attentation: For most numeric operators the result is a floating value. This will be fixed in future versions.

Basic Operators

Mathematical Operators; +,-,/,*, % (modulo), ^ (power)

Logical Operators: && (and), || (or), !(not), xor

Compare Operators: !=, = or ==, <=, >=

Functions and operators in CQL

If you prefer CQL you can use these functions and operators in your Select clause for data transformation or in the Where clause for filtering:

SELECT tan(x) FROM stream WHERE sqrt(y)>3

Functions and operators in PQL

If you prefer PQL you can use these functions and operators in the MAP, JOIN, and SELECT operator. In addition, functions and operators can be used in other operators that are not part of the set of relational operators.

output = MAP({expressions = ['tan(x)']}, SELECT({predicate = RelationalPredicate('sqrt(y)>3')}, stream))

Some of the functions and operators are part of the Odysseus Core and some are available in additional features. On the following child pages you find all currently available functions and operators with their description and examples.

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