This transport handler can be used to send Odysseus POST or PUT messages (e.g. via REST)

You will need to install the "Web Feature" to use this handler.


  • Path: The path the server should listen to. When not given, path is "/"
  • Port: The port for the http server. When not given: 8080
  • Hostname: The name of the server
  • immediate_response: A string with the response message to the client (use "false" for no reply)


in = RECEIVE({
          transport = 'HttpServer',
          source = 'source',
          protocol = 'csv',
          datahandler = 'Tuple',
          schema = [['input','String']],
          options= [['immediate_response','ok']]        

Here a client sends a simple csv message with just a single entry. Odysseus does not care about the method (e.g. POST or PUT)

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