This operator allows to add a new system load to the meta data. To use this operator, the Systemload feature must be installed

#METADATA SystemLoad
#METADATA TimeInterval
out = TIMER({PERIOD = 1000, SOURCE = 'source'})

out2 = SYSTEMLOAD(out)

It creates an output as in the following:

1613386630522 | META | ( i= 1613386630522|oo | sysload= {sysload:local {"TIME":1613386630530,"CPU_LOAD":0.09376250033334223,"USER_LOAD":5.33,"MEM_FREE":976347992,"MEM_TOTAL":1048576000,"SYSTEM_MEM_FREE":27068215296,"SYSTEM_MEM_TOTAL":51457654784,"NETWORK":[{"bytesSent":0,"bytesReceived":0,"mac":"---removed---"},{"bytesSent":0,"bytesReceived":0,"mac":"---removed---"},{"bytesSent":0,"bytesReceived":0,"mac":"---removed---"}]}} )

The Systemload is attached as a key value object with the following entries:

NETWORK measurement is currently work in progress and will probably change in near future.