It is always possible to access any output of any sink in Odysseus (same or other instance) with Reading Query Results via REST/Websocket. Because the URL changes everytime when the serving query changes, this operator allows to login to the (other) Odysseus instance and retrieve the necessary values to access the outputs via websockets.

The following parameters are available:

The other parameters are from the Access Operators

#QNAME test
          url = 'http://localhost:8888',
          username = 'System',
          password = 'manager',
          query = 'test',
          source = 'source2',
          SCHEMA = [['time', 'StartTimestamp']]

// e.g. if there is another query like:
#QNAME test
timer = TIMER({PERIOD = 1000, TIMEFROMSTART = true, SOURCE = 'source'})