This is a short tutorial that shows how to install Odysseus and how to setup the first time. This tutorial is for persons who just want to use Odysseus for data stream management. For those, who want to develop with Odysseus (e.g. create new operators or extend functionalities), may have a look at Development with Odysseus, which introduces how to import Odysseus into Eclipse.

1. Prerequisite

First, Java11 must be installed

2. Download Odysseus

Go to Odysseus Website to the Download section. Choose your operating system. Download the archive. (Remark: 32 bit versions are not longer available.)

3. Unzip

Next, you have to unzip the archive. There is no installer nor a dedicated installation directory. Thus, you can choose a destination of your choice (In some cases, Odysseus does not behave correctly, if the installation path is to long. In this case try to install Odysseus to another location).


After unpacking, you may have something like the following:

4. Start Odysseus

Run "studio.exe" to start Odysseus.


In studio.ini:


change Xms and Xmx to the needed values. Default is 1000M.

5. Choose Workspace

At the first start, you have to choose a workspace. This workspace is a directory where all Odysseus projects will be stored.You can also check the "Use this as the default.." option so that this dialog will not pop up at the next start of Odysseus.

6. Login

Next, Odysseus asks you for a user and a password. The default user is "System" with password "manager". You can also check "Login automatically" so that username and password is saved and used automatically at the next start so you don't have to type in your login data again. In some cases there may be a field "Tenant". For most cases this field should be empty.

If you are using the client version of studio, the WebService tab must contain information about the Odysseus Server:

After that, Odysseus Studio starts, so you should the the interface:

That's all.

7. Next steps

You now can use Odysseus. Now, you can, for example, make yourself familiar with Odysseus Studio or you may create or import projects. For further steps, you may have a look at these pages: