Odysseus provides a set of query languages. Currently supported are a SQL-like language called CQL, a pattern-based language, and a data flow based language named Procedural Query Language (PQL). For many cases, the pure declarative approach of CQL has the charm that people handy with SQL can easily express queries in Odysseus. The most important extension is the integration of window concepts. The drawback is that specialized operators are hard to integrate. Especially for a system like Odysseus, which is built for extension, the adaption of the CQL parser for each new operator is no option. Adding a new operator in Odysseus is typically done by providing an additional OSGi bundle. Therefore, the parser should not depend on any special operator plug-in and, it should not even have any knowledge about that operator at all.

Odysseus Script is the way to handle all the different query languages and further configurations in one common file.