Sometimes it is necessary to add some libraries to Odysseus. Unfortunenatly, its not possible to use a maven like approach. You will need to import the library into the bundle or (better for reusage) add a bundle that only contains the library content.

In the following, we will show an example how to add a new lib as new bundle:

Add lib(s) as new bundle

Choose new, with Plug-in from Existing JAR Archives:

You could name it, as you want: We reommend

  • to use the official naming for the libs.
  • not to use the default location, but the resource folder (with a subfolder!)
  • Use standard OSGi framework
  • Do not unzip JAR archives into the project

You should add the new folder to the pom.xml:




You could add other libs to the project, if you missed some as in the following

Add libs to existing bundles

  • Copy file to bundle
  • Click on Runtime
    • In Classpath-Section click on Add...
    • Import new Libs
  • In Exported Packages click on Add... if these libs should be available somewhere else
    • Important: If this lib is just a runtime depedency of the current plugin you should not export it
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