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The access operator can be used to integrate new sources into Odysseus. Further information can be found in the Documentation to the Access Operator Framework.

Remark: There is no need to define an access operator as view (:=) or source (::=). Each access operator is automatically a source with name source. For most cases the assignment is only for parsing purposes (see example below).


  • source: The name of the access operator. Remark: This name must be different to all source names and all view or stream definitions! A new source will be added to the data dictionary automatically.
  • wrapper: In Odysseus the default wrappers are GenericPush and GenericPull
  • transport: The transport defines the transport protocol to use.
  • protocol: The protocol parameter defines the application protocol to transform the processing results.
  • datahandler: This parameter defines the transform of the single attributes of the processing results.
  • options: Transport protocol and application protocol depending options
  • schema: The output schema of the access operator (may depend on the protocol handler)
  • metaattribute: What kind of meta data should the source provide.


Access Operator
input = ACCESS({source='Source',
METAATTRIBUTE = ['TimeInterval','Latency','Datarate'], /// or: METAATTRIBUTE = 'TimeIntervalLatencyDatarate'
options=[['host', ''],['port', '8080'],['read', '10240'],['write', '10240']],
['id', 'Double'],
['data', 'String']]
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