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This operator calculated a list of top elements regarding a scoring function. Only if the top elements change, an output will be produced. Additionally, the object that triggered the new calculation is send to output

Outputschema is List<TUPLE>, TUPLE

Remark: Use [] or elementAt to access elements in List and in TUPLE


  • scoringFunction [Expression]: An expression that must return a numerical value
  • k [Integer]: Number of elements that should be treated
  • descending [Boolean]: The standardcase is that the higher the score, the higher the rank. Set to false if the lower the score, the lower the rank.


out = TOPK({
          k = 10,
          scoringfunction = 'price'                        
            size = 5                              
out2 = MAP({
            expressions = [
#LOOP i 0 upto 9
                ALLOWNULL = true, 
                SUPPRESSERRORS = true         

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