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The MEP functions on this page are to work with graph (creation, modification, graph algorithms, ...). The used graph libraries are those from

See also the related Graph Data Types in Odysseus. To use the MEP functions, the Graph Server Feature is needed.

For developers: Feel free to use the above mentioned gs libraries and data types to create new MEP functions. The bundle for the MEP functions that you might enhance is And don't forget to keep this page up-to-date.

FindNodesByPattern(Graph graph, String pattern)

Find all nodes in a graph, which id fulfills a given pattern. The first input is a Graph Data Type, the second a pattern for the nodeId.match(pattern) call. The output is a List_GraphNode Data Type.

output = MAP({EXPRESSIONS = [['FindNodesByPattern(graph, "nodesStartingWithThis.*")', 'nodes_list']]}, input)

GetGraphElementId(Graph/GraphNode/GraphEdge element)

Gets the id of a graph element (a graph, node or edge). The input is one of the three Graph Data Types. The output is the id (String).

output = MAP({EXPRESSIONS = [['GetGraphElementId(mygraph)', 'graphId'], ['GetGraphElementId(mynode)', 'nodeId'], ['GetGraphElementId(myedge)', 'edgeId']]}, input)
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