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  • size: The size of the window, i.e. how many elements form a window
  • advance: The advance after how many elements the window moves forward. Default advance is 1, i.e. with every new element
  • slide: The slide of the window. When using this parameter all elements in the windows will have the same starttimestamp (e.g. helful helpful for aggregations), while advance will not change the starttimestamp.
  • partition: The partition attribute of the window. When using this parameter, the window garantees to be opened until size element for this group are read.



Code Block
/// a 5 element big window (creating a sliding window)
output = ELEMENTWINDOW({size = 5}, input)
/// a 5 element big window that moves every 5 element (creating windows with disjunct content) partitioned over the bidder
                  size = 5, 
                  advance = 5, 
                 }, input)