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  • KeyValueObject: asKeyValue(Object kv): Cast an object to a KeyValueObject (could be necessary if Odysseus can not determine the type of an object). KV must be a KeyValueObject, else there will be a ClassCastException
  • KeyValueObject: toKeyValue(String): Creates a new KeyValueObject from a String JSON Expression
  • Object: getElement(KeyValueObject kv, String path): Returns the one element identified by the path expression. 
  • Tuple: getElements(KeyValueObject kv, String path): Returns a tuple of elements identified by the path expression.
  • Object: path(KeyValueObject kv, String path): Returns the one object that is identified by the JSONPATH epxression. Slower than getElement(s) but more expressive.


The feature adds protocol handler for the common key-value data formats JSON and BSON (binary JSON).