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The timer transport handler can be used as a periodic data source, which either sends the system time or the time passed since the query started. Can be used with the Command operator. Attribute with the output value is called "time". The timer can e.g. be used for testing purposes or to trigger some processing e.g. with DBEnrich operator.


  • period: The period in milliseconds
  • timefromstart: If set to true, start from 0 (from Jan 1th 1970). If set to false, uses the current time. (Default: false)


Code Block
CREATE STREAM source (time Timestamp)
    WRAPPER 'GenericPush'
    PROTOCOL 'None'
    TRANSPORT 'Timer'
    OPTIONS ( 'period' '1000')

There is a short form of this operator:

Code Block
timer = TIMER({PERIOD = 1000, SOURCE = 'timerSource'})