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  • filename: The path to the file

  • directory: (since 2023/06/07): read recursive all files inside this directory.
  • path: (since 2024/02/28): When using directory, a pattern can be used. Default is "*"
  • append: append values to end of file. If set to false the values are overwritten. (default false)

  • createdir: When writing to a file, creates the file directory if it doesn't exist. (default false)

  • writedelaysize: Uses a buffer with specified size which has to be filled before data is written to the file (default 0)

  • preload: Loads the whole file into memory when the query is started (default false, incompatible with delayopenin)

  • delayopenin: When reading from a file, delays opening until reading the first tuple. Can be used to monitor log files which do not exist upon starting the query (default false)

  • delayopenout: When writing to a file, delays opening (and, if specified, creating the directory) until writing the first tuple (default false, incompatible with preload)