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DPTDepth of Waterdepth, offset
GGAGlobal Positioning System Fix Data. Time, Position and fix related datatime, latitude, latitudeHem, longitude, longitudeHem, gpsQuality, numberOfSattelites, horizontalDilution, antennaAltitude, antennaAltUnits, geoidalSeparation, geoidalSepUnits, ageOfDgps, differentialRefId
GLLGeographic Position – Latitude/Longitudelatitude, latitudeHem, longitude, longitudeHem, time, status
HDGHeading - Deviation & Variationheading, deviation, deviationDir, variation, variationDir
MTWWater Temperaturedegrees, unit
MWVWind Speed and Angleangle, reference, speed, speedUnit, status
RMCRecomended Minimum Navigation Informationtime, status, latitude, latitudeHem, longitude, longitudeHem, speedOverGround, trackMadeGood, date, magneticVariation, magneticHem, signalIntegrity
RPMRevolutionssource, number, speed, pitch, status
RSARudder Sensor Anglestarboard, sbStatus, portboard, pbStatus
TTMTracked Target MessagetargetNumber, targetDistance, bearing, bearingUnit, targetSpeed, targetCourse, courseUnit, closestPointOfApproach, timeUntilClosestPoint, distanceUnit, targetLabel, targetStatus, referenceTarget, time, typeAcquisition


AIS (Automatic Identification System) MessagefragmentsCount, fragmentId, messageId, channel, message, fillBits
VDOSame as VDM for own shipsee VDM
VTGTrack Made Good and Ground SpeedheadingTrack, trackReference, headingMagnetic, magneticReference, speedKnots, speedKnotsUnits, speedKilometers, speedKilometersUnits
EXTX, Y and Z acceleration data (Proprietary sentence)Acceleration X, Acceleration Y, Acceleration Z
ASHRAiding Ship Heading Rotation (Proprietary sentence)time, heading, roll angle, pitch angle, heave, roll angle accuracy, pitch angle accuracy, heading angle accuracy, aiding status, IMU status
OSDOwn Ship Dataheading, status, course, course reference, vessel speed, speed reference, vessel set, vessel drift, speed units

Default Fields

All above mentioned sentences have default fields derieved from Sentence.