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This operator classifies a tuple by using a classifier. The operator needs two inputs: A stream of tuples that should be classified and a stream of classifiers (that normally comes from a CLASSIFICATION_LEARN operator).

It a appends a new attribute called called "clazz" which contains the nominal class value or continuous value from a regression

For the classify operator, the type of the classifier (tree, list, bayes net... ) doesn't matter. You may even mixup them to classify the same tuple with different classifiers (see Ensembles). The left port is the input for the tuples that should be classified and the right input is the one with the classifiers.Available mining or machine learning operators are described here: Machine Learning


  • CLASSIFIER: The attribute where the classifier in the classifier-tuple can be found (normally, it's "classifier", which is given by the CLASSIFICATION_LEARN operator)



Code Block
classified = CLASSIFY({classifier='classifier'}, test, learned)