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Code Block
# Install the parent
cd ${WORKSPACE}/odysseus_dev/
mvn clean install

# Do processing
# Combine all category.xml of the submodules to a new category.xml
rm -rf tooling
git clone
javac "${WORKSPACE}/tooling/ci/"
java -cp "${WORKSPACE}/tooling/ci/" "${WORKSPACE}" "${WORKSPACE}/tooling/ci/" "${WORKSPACE}/tooling/ci/"        
cp "${WORKSPACE}/tooling/ci/" ${WORKSPACE}/releng/ 

#Run the build 
mvn  clean verify -P!\solobuild -Dtargetfilename=platform_core

Install Features via Command Line

It is possible to install features without starting the product (e.g. to create a docker image with a distinct combination of features), e.g.:

Code Block
eclipsec.exe -application org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director -repository -installIU -destination H:/git/odysseus_core/odysseus_dev/products/monolithic/target/products/ -profile SDKProfile

See: for further information.