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  • modelName: Every model within a PMML document has a unique name, so if 'default' is chosen the first model (in XML-order) is executed.
  • output (optional, default: NONE): Describes the output mode of the operator, where you can choose between none, model and input 
    • NONE: Output is only the result, the attribute is then called 'prediction'.
    • MODEL: All  fields used by the model are output in addition to 'prediction'. 'prediction' is put at the end of the column.
    • INPUT: All values from the data are forwarded to the output.
  • stackSize (optional, default: 100): Describes FIFO cache as a stack, which is used if the data returns elements, but no EvaluationModel was received. As soon as a model is received, all elements in the stack are executed before the next arriving element (until maximum size of the stack is reached). After each new model, the stack gets emptied.