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To stop OdysseusNet, the user has to click the button in the toolbar of the NodeView again or execute the console command stopOdysseusNet.

Features of OdysseusNet

OdysseusNet as a feature is the sum of multiple smaller OdysseusNet features. Each of them encapsulates specific functions, possibilities and interfaces, all useful for "typical" Odysseus-Users and Odysseus-Developers. A (not complete) list of features is as follows:

For users of Odysseus, OdysseusNet provides the following features:

  • Integration of OdysseusNet in OdysseusStudio
  • Managing other OdysseusNodes remotely (see NodeView)
  • Configuration of each OdysseusNode due to a separate configuration file (see Configuration)
  • Controlling OdysseusNodes with the OSGi-Console (see Console Commands)
  • View the connection quality with PingMaps
  • Distributing data source definitions into the network
  • Distributing queries into the network of OdysseusNodes

For developers, OdysseusNet provides additional in-depth features (e.g., interfaces) to make it possible to alter and/or extend OdysseusNet:

  • Interfaces for accessing remote OdysseusNodes
  • Interfaces for easy communication with remote OdysseusNodes
  • Logging of remote nodes
  • Deeper control of configuration settings
  • Controlling the network structure. This contains interfaces for discovery of OdysseusNodes and selection-strategies for connections that need to be established.
  • Easy methods to distribute static data across the network
  • Interfaces to add strategies for query distribution
  • Interfaces to access information of current resource usages (processor, memory, etc.) of remote OdysseusNodes



For Developers