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  • Name: The name of the attribute in the schema of the given input port.
  • Type: The data type of the attribute. The available set of data type depends on the available data types in the current Odysseus setup.
  • Minimum valueMin: The minimum value defines the lowest value that should be used as an instantiation of an attribute.
  • Maximum valueMax: The maximum value defines the greatest value that should be used as an instantiation of an attribute.
  • Null: A Flag indicating if an instantiation of the attribute can be null NULL.

Based on this information the Testcase Generator will generate an input stream. To do so, a permutation of the minimum value, maximum value, zero value, average value, a null value (if selected) of each all input attributes will be generated. The values of zero and average may depend on the selected data type. In case of a double value, the zero value is 0 and the average value is the average between the min and max value.


To configure the operator under test, the operator specific parameters can be defined in ③. The syntax for the parameters are the same as in PQL. Consult the operator specific documentation in the Odysseus Wiki for mandatory and optional parameter and accepted parameter values.