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This operator can be use to set/update the meta data for the stream elements.


  • METAATTRIBUTE: The meta data that should be used from now. This can be a single String or a List of Strings. Be aware that not all combinations of meta data are available.

Remark: This will update the whole meta data. If you want to add an additional meta data you must also repeat the existing meta data, the existing values are retained.


Code Block
timer2 = TIMER({PERIOD = 2000, TIMEFROMSTART = true, SOURCE = 'source6', METAATTRIBUTE = 'TimeInterval'})
out = SELECT({PREDICATE = 'time > 0 && TimeInterval.start > 0'},timer2)
out2a = METADATA({METAATTRIBUTE = 'TimeIntervalLatencyDatarate'},out)
out2b = METADATA({METAATTRIBUTE = ['TimeInterval','Latency','Datarate']},out)