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At the moment we are developing a simple plugin for odysseus. 


In addition, here is a brief READ.ME.

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We need a grafana plugin to be able to receive data from Odysseus.
Note that the current state of the plugin is experimental.


Requirements: docker

1. build a docker image based on the dockerfile in this folder
docker build . -t grafana

2. build and run a docker container based on the created image
docker run -d -p 3000:3000 --name grafana grafana

3. open grafana in a browser
username: admin
password: admin

4. Add an Odysseus datasource
Requirements: Running Odysseus Server (or monolithic of course)
Configuration -> Data Sources
Select Others -> odysseus
Server URI: ws://localhost:8888/ (REST-port of a (here local) odysseus server)
Leave API Key empty

5. Create Dashboard
Create -> Dashboard

6. Create Panel
* To visualize single datastream attributes, there must be an operator that provides only the current timestamp named "time" and that attribute
* To easily find the operator, give him a proper name
* Query(s) should be installed
a) At the end of the query, create for each attribute you want to visualize a projection on "time" and the attribute
b) Grafana can display historical values but to show the results in real-time, the timestamps of the results should be set to the current time (necessary if you, e.g., read from a CSV file with old timestamps)
6.1. select your Odysseus datasource as datasource
6.2. you need a websocket that provides the data
6.3. open in a browser localhost:8888/queries to get information about all installed queries (in chrome it is not formatted; copy the content in, e.g.,
6.4. find the websocket in the json
go to the query id of your query -> rootOperators -> go to the operator providing the data to visualize -> ports -> websockets -> copy the JSON uri
6.5. Insert the copied URI in grafana into the websocket field of the panel query
6.6. Click on apply and after that on save dashboard