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If you for example only need GPS Positions, you only need to extract latitude and longitude informations from the sentences. As you can see in "Supported Sentences" table, the sentences GGA, GLL and RMC do have the needed information you want to have. To extract the information you want to do a Selection, to get only these sentence types and a Projection, to extract only the needed informations.



Code Block
titleNMEA Selection/Projection
/// Listen on UDP prot 4711
input = ACCESS({source='input', wrapper='GenericPush',
	transport='UDPServer', protocol='NMEA', dataHandler='KeyValueObject',
	options=[['port', '4711']]
/// Select GGA, GLL, RMC
gps = SELECT({predicate=KeyValuePredicate('sentenceId="GGA" OR sentenceId="GLL" OR sentenceId="RMC"')}, input)
/// Project only the latitude and longitude 
latLon = PROJECT({paths = [['latitude', 'String'], ['longitude', 'String']]}, gps)