Currently, following types of dashboard parts are supported. New types can be implemented, if desired (see Developing DashboardParts).





The wheel chart transforms the selected attribute value into circle coordinates and plots them on a wheel.If the autoadjust setting is enabled, the value will be normalized to 360 degree. In addition you can set the fore- and background of the chart.




In addition to the basic wheel, you can select combined dashboard parts with arrow, color, gauge, liquid gauge, and text to display additional information.


Depending on the selected wheel chart, you can select the used attributes, adjustment, and appearance of the chart.


Liquid Gauge

The liquid gauge displays the current value as a liquid indicating the current value in the center.

In the settings the stream attribute has to be selected. The maximum number of elements is needed to estimate the minimum and maximum value used to draw the current fill height. In the appearance section, the background color, the transparence alpha value, the liquid color, and the font can be selected.



The compass chart draws the current value of an attribute as a cardinal direction by normalizing the value between 0 and 360 degree.


Voronoi Diagram

Visual partitioning using a Voronoi diagram. Voronoi diagrams are used in finding clear routes in robot navigation, nearest neighbor queries, and many other applications.



Color Chart

Visualisation of spatial measurements using different colors.



Quad Tree

Visual partition of  spatial measurements using a Quad Tree.



Draws a track of spatial measurements. In addition, an image can be used as a background image to i.e., draw a track on a map.

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