This operator allows to define temporal pattern to match against the stream. For this purpose we use the SASE+ query language. The query is expressed in the parameter query. The used source has to be of the correct type (for the examples s05 and s08). If the type of the source is not set or wrong it can be set using the Rename Operator. The parameter heartbeatrate defines how often a heartbeat should be generated if an element is processed but didn't yield a processing result.


  • heartbeatrate: The rate to generate heartbeats if an element was processed without given a result.
  • query (required): The SASE+ query
  • OneMatchPerInstance
  • schema (required): The output schema of the created event (see Access Operator for an example)
  • type (required): The type of the created event 


out = SASE({
    query = 'PATTERN SEQ(person p, bid b) WHERE skip_till_next_match(p,b){ = b.bidder, b.price > 200} RETURN,, b.price',
  } ,
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