Renames the attributes.

The operator can be used with key value objects. In this case the "pairs" parameter has to be set to true, because key value objects don't have a schema.


  • aliases: The list new attribute names to use from now on. If the flag pairs is set, aliases will be interpreted as pairs of (old_name, new_name). See the examples below.
  • type: By default, each schema has the name of the source from which the data comes from (i.e. it is the name of the type that is processed by this operator). With this parameter the type (source) name can be changed. This is needed in the SASE operator. 
  • pairs: Optional boolean value that flags, if the given list of aliases should be interpreted as pairs of (old_name, new_name). Default value is false.


Rename Operator
/// Renames the first attribute to auction_id, the second to bidder_id and the last to another_id.
output = RENAME({
                  aliases = ['auction_id', 'bidder_id', 'another_id']
                 }, input)

/// Due the set flag pairs, the rename operator renames the attribute auction_id to auction and bidder_id to bidder.
output = RENAME({
                 aliases = ['auction_id', 'auction', 'bidder_id', 'bidder'], 
                 pairs = 'true'
                }, input)

Rename Operator
SELECT auction_id AS auction, bidder_id AS bidder FROM input