This page lists some of the most frequently asked questions that were asked by programmers using Odysseus.

The behavior of the exported product is different to the one started from Eclipse. What can I do?

  • If you are loading additional files like txt-files, images or data stuff, check the of your bundle. Each of the file must be checked in the "binary build" view.
  • You can debug the exported product as follows.
    1) open the studio.ini an add the following line at the end "-Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,address=1044,server=y"
    2) run the Odysseus (using studio.exe). it should say "Listening for transport dt_socket ad address: 1044"
    3) go to Eclipse and open "Debug configurations..." (it is part of the submenu next to the "run debug button")
    4) Click on "Remote Java Application" and a a new one using the "New Launch Configuration" button.
    5) Use the following settings:
         - Project: Select the bundle you want to debug.
         - Connection Type: "Standard (Socket Attach)"
         - Connection Properties:
                 Host: localhost
                 Port: 1044
     6) Run "Debug" - now, the window of "studio.exe" that said "Listening for transport dt_socket ad address: 1044" should now proceed
     7) Debug with breakpoints as usual.
  • Check, if your bundle is part of the product. A product is based on features. So your bundle should be part of a feature and this feature must be part of the product.

Why is my logical operator not loaded?

  • Check, if the bundle is loaded (part of your feature) and running. Use the OSGi console with command "ss" to show the status of all loaded bundles.
  • Check, if the operator is correctly annotated, see also this page: The Odysseus Operator Framework
  • Check, if the logical operator is a package starting with "" and have a subpackage like "logicaloperator" aftwards (there can be other strings between this two strings)
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