In odysseus_dev there are different kinds of target platforms. You should use the one, that fits to your enviroment/kind of bundle.

  • platform_core: Should be use in cases, where no Odysseus components should be loaded from a target platform. Typically, only when working on odysseus_core
  • platform_(master|development)_stable: This file should be used for stable Odysseus components to avoid dependencies from stable to incubation modules.
  • platform_(master|development)_all: This should be used for all incubation modules. Remark: To allow easier migration to stable, even incubation modules can use _stable-target if there is no dependency to other incubation modules.

For the latter two files there are two versions:

  • master: Reflects the current module state from the master branch(es)
  • development: Reflects the current module state from the development branch(es). Typically newer, potentially less stable.

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