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The Ontology feature allows to model multiple features of interest with properties and defining sensors that are capable to observe those properties with different qualities depending on prevailing environmental conditions.

Create a Feature of Interest

A new feature of interest can be defined using the "Feature of Interest" wizard. In this wizard you can define a new feature of interest by giving it a name, a URI, and a list of properties that belongs to the feature of interest.

Create a Sensing Device

A new sensing device can be added using the "Sensing Device" wizard. In here you can set the name and the URI of the new sensing device. Further, you can define the attributes and their data type on the first page.

On the second page you can define the measurement capabilities of the sensing device. To do so, you can define for each attribute the property that is represented by the attribute and the condition under which the sensing device provides measurements about the property and which quality the measurements have.


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