NEW (29.01.2024): We will change some dependency handling! For development with eclipse you must install the m2e PDE Integration into the Eclipse IDE.

After the installation it can be used in the PDE Target Editor.

06.02.2024: Due to a bug in Eclipse, you will need to use the latest eclipse version (2024-03):

To get an easy startup we provide a project template that can be used for own development

Clone template

git clone
cd odysseusrepotemplate
git submodule init
git submodule update

Update odysseus_dev to latest version

cd odysseus_dev
git checkout master

Rename folder odysseusrepotemplate (here odysseustutorial, should be different in your case) and set new origin (your git repo). 
Attentation: Do not change orgin of odysseus_dev! You will loose updates of dependencies.

cd odysseustutorial 
git remote set-url origin 
git push -u origin --all 
git push origin --tags 

Start eclipse with new workspace and import

Setting Target Platform

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