(currently work-in-progress)

The NodeView is a ViewPart in the OdysseusNet Perspective. Its shows an overview about all connected remote OdysseusNodes.

It shows the following information about each node:

#Number of the node. Only for sorting and counting.
ActShows if the node is reachable and active. Blue indicates true.
NameNon-unique name.
AddressIP-Addess, if available
HostnameHostname of the node, if available
VersionCurrently installed version of Odysseus
StarttimeTime since the node is running.
MEM(%)Memory usage in percent
CPU(%)Processor usage in percent
QueriesNumber of queries running/installed.
NetworkAmount of network bandwidth currently used.
Ping (ms)Connection quality
Last seenTime of last signal
#NodesNumber of nodes the node is connected to
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