This operator can be use to set/update the meta data for the stream elements.


  • METAATTRIBUTE: The meta data that should be used from now. This can be a single String or a List of Strings. Be aware that not all combinations of meta data are available.

Remark: This will update the whole meta data. If you want to add an additional meta data you must also repeat the existing meta data, the existing values are retained.


timer2 = TIMER({PERIOD = 2000, TIMEFROMSTART = true, SOURCE = 'source6', METAATTRIBUTE = 'TimeInterval'})
out = SELECT({PREDICATE = 'time > 0 && TimeInterval.start > 0'},timer2)
out2a = METADATA({METAATTRIBUTE = 'TimeIntervalLatencyDatarate'},out)
out2b = METADATA({METAATTRIBUTE = ['TimeInterval','Latency','Datarate']},out)



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