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The IMAP transport handler allows the receiving of processing results as an email via IMAP.


  • host: The host URL of the email server. (optional, default: localhost)
  • port: The port of the email server. (optional, default: 993)
  • username: The user name for the email account.
  • password: The password for the email account.
  • folder: The folder to read the messages from (optional, default: INBOX)
  • keep: Flag to indicate if messages should be kept or deleted after reading. True if the messages should be kept, false if they should be deleted. (optional, default: true)
  • pattern: A pattern to filter the messages. (optional, default: no pattern)
  • readcontent: Flag to indicate if the message content (body/attachements) should be read. True if the message content should be read, false otherwise. (optional, default: false)
  • mimetypehandler: Sets the target data type for the content in the output schema. Possible values: string, objectmap. (optional, default: objectmap)
  • markasread: Flag to indicate if read messages should be marked as read. True if it should be marked as read, false otherwise. (optional, default: false)
  • unreadonly: Flag to indicate that only unread messages should be loaded. True if only unread messages should be fetched from the server, false if all stored messages should be loaded. (optional, default: false)

Output schema

The IMAP transport handler generates stream elements of type Tuple with a fixed output schema:

IndexAttribute nameData typeDescription
0FromStringThe senders email address
1ToString ListThe receivers' email addresses
2CCString ListThe list of copy receiver email addresses
3BCCString ListThe list of blind copy reveiver email addresses
4ReplyToStringThe reply to email address
5SubjectStringThe subject line of the email
6SendDateDateThe data when the email was sent

Depending on the value of option mimetypehandler:

String oder OptionMap

The content of the email. Depending of the emails' MIME type, it can consist of multiple body parts and/or attached files.



IMAP Transport Handler
output = ACCESS({source='ImapSource',
 ['readcontent', 'true'],
 ['mimetypehandler', 'objectmap'],

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