I found a bug, what should I do?


As any software also Odysseus might have some bugs. If you ever encounter one of these bugs or just expect another behavior please be so kind and fill out a bug report. To do so select the menu item Help -> "Send Bug Report" in the menubar as shown in the right image.



After that, a dialog window will pop up. Please answer the questions in the dialog window to give us a chance to reproduce the bug. In addition, the bug report contains information about your system, the current Odysseus installation and running processing queries. This information might contain private or other confidential information so please review the bug report before submitting. Also consider to insert your email address so that we can ask additional questions regarding the bug or to inform you as soon as the bug is fixed.

You can add your JIRA account (ask for one at odysseus[at]uni-oldenburg.de) and each report is assigned to you directly.

In addition, you can send a bug report when Odysseus complains about an occurred problem during query parsing or processing as shown in the figure below. In this case, the bug report will also contain the reported execution error.

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