This window creates a new element based window.


  • size: The size of the window, i.e. how many elements form a window
  • advance: The advance after how many elements the window moves forward. Default advance is 1, i.e. with every new element
  • slide: The slide of the window. When using this parameter all elements in the windows will have the same starttimestamp (e.g. helpful for aggregations), while advance will not change the starttimestamp.
  • partition: The partition attribute of the window. When using this parameter, the window garantees to be opened until size element for this group are read.

Remark: The element window blocks until it reads at least size elements.


/// a 5 element big window (creating a sliding window)
output = ELEMENTWINDOW({size = 5}, input)
/// a 5 element big window that moves every 5 element (creating windows with disjunct content) partitioned over the bidder
                  size = 5, 
                  advance = 5, 
                 }, input) 
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