(currently work-in-progress)

The DistributedDataView is a ViewPart of the OdysseusNet Perspective for developers of OdysseusNet. It shows all distributed data items which are known to the current own node (see Distribution of (static) data). The following screenshot shows the view currently showing four data items which are shared across the network (see Distributing data sources for details of these items).

The following columns are visible: Name, UUID, JSON-Data, Creator, Timestamp, Persist and Lifetime.


The non-unique item name of the distributed data. 


Unique identifier of the distributed data. It is generated at creation time.


User-defined content inside the distributed data are structured in JSON-Objects. The text representation of these objects are shown in this column.


Name of the node, who initially created the distributed data.


Creation-time of the distributed data.


Inidicates, if the distributed data stays in the network even the creator-node leaves the network.


Maximum time a distributed data stays in the network (in milliseconds) after the creator has left the network. If the creator is still online, the lifetime is ignored for the moment.

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