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Despite the graphical integration in Odysseus Studio, OdysseusNet provides console commands to control distributed data stream processing in the OSGi-Console. These console commands are available if OdysseusNet is activated (see OdysseusNet).

Remark: Some command may not work with the REST based communication in a Master/Worker scenario.

The following commands are supported:

Configuration of OdysseusNet

listNetConfigurationLists all currently set settings for OdysseusNet (see OdysseusNet Configuration).
lsNetConfigurationSee listNetConfiguration.
setNetConfiguration <key> <value>Sets a configuration key-value-pair of OdysseusNet. Depending on the specific setting, changing the value has different effects.setNetConfiguration net.node.name NewNodeName
saveNetConfigurationSaves the configuration settings of OdysseusNet into the configuration file (see OdysseusNet Configuration)

Data stream processing

dumpStream <hash | name> <time>Prints the current output data stream elements of the specified physical operator (specified by its hash or name). Printing stops after the specified amount of time.
dumpPlan <queryID>Prints the physical plan (with its operators) of the query with the specified queryID.


listOdysseusNetComponentsLists all features/components of OdysseusNet
lsOdysseusNetComponentsSee listOdysseusNetComponents


startOdysseusNetStarts/Activates OdysseusNet, if not activated
stopOdysseusNetStops/Deactivated OdysseusNet, if activated
isOdysseusNetStartedPrints out if OdysseusNet is started or not
reinstallNodeShuts down Odysseus (and OdysseusNet) and reinstall the newest version of Odysseus (with OdysseusNet). Only applicable to RasperryPi (yet).
updateNodeInvokes the update mechanism to update Odysseus (and OdysseusNet, if needed)
restartNodeRestarts Odysseus (and OdysseusNet)


helpNetPrints help text for these console commands


log <logLevel> <message>Logs a message with the specified log level. Supported log levels are trace, debug, info, warn and error.log debug "I am a message"
setLogger <loggerName> <logLevel> (duration)Sets the log level for the specified logger. If optional duration (in milliseconds) is specified, the log level is reset back to previous level after this amount of time.setLogger de.uniol.inf.is.odysseus.core debug 20000
setLoggerOdysseus <loggerName> <logLevel> (duration)Like setLogger, except the prefix de.uniol.inf.is.odysseus for the logger name must not be specified.setLoggerOdysseus core debug 20000
listLoggers (filter)Lists all available/active loggers. Filters the list if filter is specified.listLoggers core
lsLoggers (filters)See listLoggers


listNodesLists all known nodes (connected and not connected ones) with names and ids
lsNodesSee listNodes.
describeNode <nodename | nodeid>Prints available information about the specified node (by name or by id)
descNode <nodename | nodeid>See describeNode
showLocalNodePrints node information of the own (local) node
listConnectedNodesLists all nodes which are connected to own node
lsConnectedNodesSee listConnectedNodes
isConnected <nodename | nodeid>Prints if the specified node is connected to own node or not.


pingLists pings to all known nodes
listPingPositionsLists the positions of all known nodes in the PingMap
lsPingPositionsSee listPingPositions

Remote execution

loginNode <nodename | nodeid> <username> <password>Logs in to remote node (specified by name or id) with specified username and password. Needed to execute other commands remotely at that node.
logoutNode <nodename | nodeid>Logs out from the specified remote node.
listLoggedInNodesLists all remote nodes which are logged in to own local node
lsLoggedInNodesSee listLoggedInNodes
listLoggedToNodesLists all remote nodes which the own local node is logged in
lsLoggedToNodesSee listLoggedToNodes
revokeLogin <nodename | nodeid>Remove login of remote node
loginStatuslistLoggedInNodes and listLoggedToNodes
executeCommand <nodename | nodeid> <command>Remotely executes a console command at the specified remote nodeexecuteCommand MyRemoteNode1 restartNode
execCommand <nodename | nodeid> <command>See executeCommand
execCmd <nodename | nodeid> <command>See executeCommand
execCmdAll <username> <password> <command>Tries to login to all connected nodes, execute the specified command remotely and finally logout.
remoteUpdate <nodename | nodeid>Remotely updates the specified node. Remote node must allow this (see OdysseusNet Configuration).
remoteUpdateAllRemotely updates all connected nodes. Remote nodes must allow this (see  OdysseusNet Configuration).
remoteReinstall <nodename | nodeid>Remotely reinstalls the specified node. Remote node must allow this (see  OdysseusNet Configuration).
remoteReinstallAllRemotely resinstalls all connected nodes. Remote nodes must allow this (see  OdysseusNet Configuration).
remoteRestart <nodename | nodeid>Remotely restarts the specified node. Remote node must allow this (see  OdysseusNet Configuration).
remoteRestartAllRemotely restarts all connected nodes. Remote nodes must allow this (see  OdysseusNet Configuration).

Resource management

resourceStatusPrints information about current resource status (like processor load, memory)

System properties

listSystemProperties (filter)Lists all system properties (and values). Filters the list if filter is specified.listSystemProperties os
lsSystemProperties (filter)See listSystemProperties
setSystemProperty <propName> <value>Sets the system property propName to value value.setSystemProperty user.home Lala


listThreads (filter)Lists all currently running threads of the virtual machine. Filters the list if filter is specified.
lsThreads (filter)See listThreads
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