(currently work-in-progress)

The ChatView is a ViewPart in the OdysseusNet Perspective and allows the user to communicate with other users from other OdysseusNodes. This view is used to test and demonstrate the communication between OdysseusNodes (see Communication with OdysseusNodes). The ChatView can be used when OdysseusNet is activated (see OdysseusNet).

List of OdysseusNodes

On the left side, a list of all available OdysseusNodes (or users, represented by node names) is shown. Every shown node receives chat messages. If one or more nodes are selected directly, future chat messages are sent only to these nodes/users (like whispering). 


To send a text message to the other nodes, the user has to write the text in the bottom line of the ChatView. By pressing enter, the text is sent and shown at the other nodes immediately (if they have OdysseusStudio running). Own text messages and messages from other nodes are shown on the right side. Whispered text messages are marked accordingly.

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