Typically, Odysseus provides a buffer placement strategy to place buffers in the query plan. This operator allows adding buffers by hand. Buffers receive data stream elements and store them in an internal element buffer. The scheduler stops the execution here for now. Later, the scheduler resumes to execution (e.g. with an another thread).


  • Type: The type of the buffer. The following types are currently part of Odysseus:
    • Normal: This is the standard type and will be used if the type parameter is absent
    • Currently, no further types are supported in the core Odysseus. In the future, there will be some buffers integrated to treat prioritized elements.
  • MaxBufferSize: If this value is set, a buffer will block if it reaches its maximal capacity. No values will be thrown away; this is not a load shedding operator!
  • threaded: if set to true, this buffer will not be scheduled by the scheduler, but uses an own thread. Handle with care!


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